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Setting Goals For Your Facebook Ads

Before getting into creating advertisements, or facebook ads you need to think about exactly why you are advertising and what your goals are. Facebook AdsWhen you set a few goals before you go live with your ads, you will end up having something that you can use to measure your success. If you are thinking about increasing mobile app downloads with help of Facebook Ads, you can set a 100 download goal for the first month. This can also help you when it comes to picking out the right objectives for your Facebook Ads campaign.

Head To Facebook Ads Manager

All of the campaigns through Facebook Ads go through the Manager tool that is accessible through the direct link by visiting, or you can simply click on “Manage Ads” when you go to the Facebook account dropdown menu. You can also click on your Facebook page CTAs. After you are in Ads Manager, you can easily navigate using the menu that is located on the left-hand side of your page. To get going with the initial ad, just click the green button found in the upper right corner of the page.

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Select Your Objective

After clicking to create your Facebook Ad, you go to a page where you can select the objectives for your campaign. You will find 15 options for what you may want to achieve.

Define The Audience And Budget

The step of customizing your target audience will be crucial to your success in all Facebook Ads campaigns. Your ad audience can be completely customized based upon the following demographics:


Such as country, city, state, zip code, or address. You can even refine further with mile radius.Facebook Ads Statics


Facebook will usually look at activities, interested any liked pages and related topics


Intent and purchase behavior, along with device usage, are all looked at


You can choose to show your ad to everyone, just those that are connected to buffer, or those who are not connected to buffer.

Additionally, while you are using the Connections setting, you have the ability to select advanced targeting. This will allow you to either include or exclude those who are not connected to some apps, pages, or events. You may also customize your campaign further to select custom audiences to retarget those that have already been interacting with your business in the past. Watch this video for more information: