How to Choose The Best SEO Auckland Services

We provide services for a few different kinds of SEO campaigns. SEO Auckland completely understands that each customer has different expectations and goals. During our consultation with you, we can help to identify which of our services will work the best for your business, goals, and needs.

How Do You Know Who To Choose

When you are looking to hire an SEO Auckland company, one of the most important questions you need to ask is “does the company rank on the first page in Google for any competitive keywords?” If not, then what kind of proof do you have that they can do that for you? All you need to do is search on Google for any SEO keyword that is related to Auckland, Wellington or Rotorua New Zealand and you will see that SEO Direct ranks on the first page. Our rankings speak for themselves and need no further explanation.Auckland SEO Services

Cheap SEO Auckland, Wellington & Rotorua NZ

You most likely landed on this website because you were looking for a reputable SEO company to work with. You started to Google SEO related keywords for Auckland, Rotorua or Wellington New Zealand and ended up here. That wasn’t an accident. This process of finding our website in Google is the exact same thing that we do for all of our clients. SEO Auckland provides their traffic and visibility with a boost so that they can enjoy an exponential increase in revenue. In the SEO industry, there are many companies that like to talk big. It can be difficult to figure out who you can really trust when everyone is claiming they know exactly what Google is looking for. What is even more important, however, is what Google does not want. Anyone can put together very compelling testimonials and case studies that portray their companies in very positive ways. Cheap SEO Auckland ServicesPage 1 rankings in Google is the best kind of real-time proof that you can have. I truly care that each business I work with succeed as much as possible. If I don’t think that I can provide your company with significant value, then I will recommend someone who can. I am here to provide you with an honest evaluation of your website’s current status and to offer free advice on what things can be done to improve things. For me, everything revolves around providing real value, transparency, and trust.

Local SEO

If you own a small or medium-size business, then it is imperative to show up in Google’s local results in order to maximize your visibility. For local businesses, it is also very important to rank organically, however showing up in the local 3 pack or on Google Maps is critical for attracting customers who are within your immediate vicinity. On the local side we increase rankings through building authority as well as auditing your citations to ensure that everything in your NAP (name, address and phone number) is consistent. They days of relying on referrals and foot traffic are long gone. Your business may as well not even exist if it doesn’t rank on Google local. It is time that you start to get ore customers coming through your doors.

National SEO

Usually national campaigns involve eCommerce companies or big businesses that need to reach a larger audience. SEO Services in New ZealandThe main difference between national and local campaigns are how competitive the keywords are that are targeted as well as the time it takes to start seeing meaningful results. In order to be successful campaigns on the national level involve a great deal of patience and long-term investment. When competing on the national level, it is very important that you understand that you will be competing against large brands that have unlimited budgets and substantial authority. In order to compete effectively within this area, you will have to really step up your game.

eCommerce SEO

Whether it is WooCommerce, Shopify, Magneto or BigCommerce, those websites are a totally different beast compared to service or informational related websites. Since a majority of eCommerce website offer thousands of different products over hundreds of pages, there is more of a chance for technical problems to come up. Description or product title duplication, crawlability, broken links and indexation are the most common issues that occur. When these issues are multiplied by thousands of different products, then it is clear to see how fast things can stat to get out of control. We work very hard to untangle these kinds of messes and get things head back in the right direction. That way you can be confident that your website isn’t being held back by anything.

SEO Audits

A majority of web developers build aesthetically pleasing sites but they aren’t SEO friendly necessarily. Our task is to crawl your website and diagnose any technical issues that are harming your rankings. After we have assessed the problems and have them prioritized, we will then implement the changes or communicate them to your developer.

It is critical that your website run optimally and that no technical issues hold it back. Those kinds of problems can significantly impact your organic rankings. So whether you have a large eCommerce site offering thousands of products or a small service site, we are willing and able to audit any website on any type of platform. Watch this video for more information:

Why Your Business Needs An SEO Company

New horizons can be opened up for your online business when you have a reputable SEO Auckland firm working for you. It builds brand awareness, brings more customers in and is one of most cost effective types of marketing with a measurable and high ROI. There are a number of different advantages that come with hiring the best SEO company. Working with a reputable SEO firm provides you guaranteed quality control and white hat practices. The SEO Auckland experts will be able to give you more information on your customers as well as the things they are doing to your website. Successful SEO generates additional traffic and increases your revenue.

SEO is a critical component to have if you want to be able to compete effectively online. Our websites are all built with on-page optimization as well as a lesson on things that can be done easily in-house in order to increase your website rankings. We will also work closely with you to get an ongoing, custom SEO campaign developed that fits with your budget and needs.

We Provide

  • Comprehensive SEO audits (20 to 30 page report including recommendations
  • Conversion rate optimization
  • Advanced keyword research
  • Domain and website migration consulting
  • Website architecture consulting and planning
  • Link building via online outreach, competitor analysis and content creation
  • Email marketing